#xt324 24hours vjing!

our colleague from holland is now broadcasting
24hour vj set on
http://www.xt3radio.nl/ (click "VJCAM"-button!)
check it out!
xx mo

back from festivals, now munich calling!

hi! here is mo!

i was now in june at two vj festivals,
in madrid and berlin. and now looking
forward to our session in munich! :)

the session is, as always, open for all visual lover! bring your own equipment and play with us!

hope to see you there!
♨♨ or we are (hopefully) streaming it on

xx mo

■ what the hell is vj?
july 1st, 2010 8p.m. → 10p.m. at kranhalle (feierwerk), munich
hansastraße 39
u/s heimeranplatz
free entrance!

■ rückblick

http://www.laptopsrus.me/ "MEETING | REUNIÓN" at Matadero Madrid
22:00 - 01:00, June 4&5, 2010
women vj meeting! :) pics on mo´s picasa

June 10-12 Berlin’s original Videokunst Club Visual Berlinpresents the Visual Berlin Festival.
i was not really much there :( but was nice cool vjs and fun!
i played in tresor! :9 pics on mo´s picasa



hi, there!

we are sorry, that june edition of what the hell is vj? won´t take place :(

next wthivj? is on JULY 1ST at KRANHALLE (FEIERWERK)!
hope to see you there!!


Kranhalle (Feierwerk)
Hansastr. 39
81373 München